Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1Is CloseOption regulated?
CloseOption is based in Georgia. It was registered on 08.08.2013. CloseOption’s “Forex” and “Options Trading” activities are permitted by the license with number B 2-08/3647, dated 10.18.2017, issued by the National Bank of Georgia. It should be noted that all our activities are in accordance with the laws of Georgia. Mr. Giorgi is the company’s lawyer and you can communicate with him (
2Do I have to pay taxes for my profits from Options Trading?
It depends on where you are living. In some countries, you are not taxed, and you can freely trade Options.
3My account has been misused and I haven’t performed any operations on the platform. What should I do?
As a customer, and in accordance with the rules, you must keep your account information secure, and if, for any reason, you have resulted in unauthorized use of your account, or if you think like that, please email us at the earliest. You can also contact the company number on the “Contact Us” page or leave a voicemail.
4Can I create multiple accounts? How can I authorize others to trade for me? Is it legal to sell my account?
You can only have one CloseOption account. It is important to know that the only person who can trade is the account owner and you cannot, under any circumstances, grant access to others to trade with your account or sell your account.
5Will I earn interest on the remaining money in my CloseOption account?
No, if the money in your account is unused for three months or more, the cost of holding your money (that according to the contract is half a percent per month) will be deducted from your account.
6Can I keep my money in my CloseOption account? I don’t want to trade!
If you have a trading account which has been inactive for more than three months, a fee will be charged monthly (0.5% of your balance).
7How does the affiliate program work?
You can earn extra money by referring new traders to CloseOption. All you need is to copy your referral link (available on the “Referral” tab in your dashboard) and ask your friends to join the platform, using your referral link.
8How can I trust your broker? Who has access to my personal information?
We commit ourselves to respect the confidentiality of users’ personal information. We adhere to the principle of the relationship without a third party (i.e. the direct relationship of trader and broker, or vice versa). Without the verdict of a confirmed judge, we will not share our users’ information with any person or organization. Your identity and residential documents are also encoded on our server and it is impossible for third parties to access them. Regarding money safety, we should tell you that we have met all the financial security protocols and all our customers are satisfied with our services and share their experience through friendly emails. Anyway, the issue of trust is a personal issue and is not gained merely by talking. It is recommended to deposit the minimum amount ($5) and check all the aspects of the broker (e.g. participation in the contest, trading with your Demo account, etc.) and continue trading if you are satisfied.
9How do I get a cash gift to test your platform?
At first, you should verify your trading account by sending the required documents. Then, send your request for a cash gift on the “Contact Us” page and wait for the financial team.
10I'm dissatisfied for some reason and want to get my money back. Is it possible?
In this market, you have the potential to make profits, and similarly, you may lose your money. By ticking the contract at the time of registration, you accept this fact and do not have the right to complain. However, we always try to keep our customers satisfied, and you can refer to the “Contact Us” page and describe your issue. We assure you that you will not regret emailing.