Affiliate Program

Introducing and advertising in CloseOption Company:

Why advertising CloseOption has benefits?

CloseOption always takes steps to improve its quality and tries to meet the needs of customers. Our goals are not short-term and we are always looking for long-term beneficial interaction with customers. Therefore, our motto is:

"We provide our customers with high-quality services through excellent design, permanent progress and change, to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty."

Why should I be an IB?

We pay a part of our commission on each transaction to our IBs. The Commission given per $100 trade is between $1 and $2. After getting approved by the financial team, commissions are automatically added to the IBs’ accounts.

How to get started as an IB?

All you need is to put your referral link on your websites and social media. Some advertising banners are available on the "Referral" section that you can employ them as an advertising tool to attract customers.