Account Types

By registering on CloseOption and verifying your account, you will be able to benefit from all features including the access to Demo, Real, and Contest accounts. With the same login information, you will be able to login to all three accounts (Demo, Real and Contest).

Real Account

In your real account, you can trade on your money and make profits. You should also pay attention to the payout percentage since it is not fixed and at some hours due to the market volatility or placing many orders in a short time, may decrease or increase. Traders should be cautious and check it before taking trades. The minimum amount during these hours is 30%!

Things to know:
  • The minimum deposit amount is $5.
  • The minimum trade amount is $1, and the maximum trade amount is $1,000 per trade.
  • You can only have one account on CloseOption. Creating more than one account is against our terms, and your account will get banned.
  • Traders should be careful while placing trades.
  • It is possible to place 25 orders (trades) at the same time.
  • The prices on the chart are real and in accordance with the other valid markets in the world.
  • You can promote your account to diamond or other VIP levels by depositing more amounts.

Contest Account

The contest chart is the same as the real account chart, and traders can:

Things to know:
  • Experience a real trading environment and prepare themselves for taking real trades.
  • try their chance to win cash prizes.

Demo Account

By registering on CloseOption you are able to use a demo account for free to practice your trading strategies. Again, the demo account is the same as the real account, and if you can make profits in your demo account, you will be able to make profits in your real one for sure. The profit made in your demo account is virtual, and cannot be withdrawn. You can recharge your demo balance for three times when the recharge sign appears next to your balance, but if you want to recharge it more than three times, you need to send a request by submitting a ticket.